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Leo Peck Pottery


Leo Peck has been working as a ceramic artist for over 40 years. His clay journey began as a functional potter, and after fine tuning his craft, he transitioned into making custom and handmade tile tables, waterfalls, fireplaces and light fixtures. While he loved designing large-scale projects that transformed homes and businesses, in recent years he has come full circle and is once again enjoying the functional pottery realm. 

Today, you can find Leo's working studio filled with thrown vases, bowls and slab plates, as he works on filling orders for Napa Valley restaurants, galleries and pottery enthusiasts.  

Leo Peck was featured in a 2006 HGTV Episode of "That's Clever"

This video features an older product, my translucent porcelain light fixtures. I thought I'd post the video to show another side of my work. Enjoy!

A Blast from the Past....

Leo's Past & Current Work

The video that follows was done as a promo for Napa Valley Open Studio 2022. Check back often to view videos, photos, links and information about Leo's current and post artwork and commissioned projects. 

Contact Us

Contact Us


Working Studio:

1065 Los Carneros Ave

Napa, CA 94559


Hours: By Appointment

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